Thursday, December 15, 2022

Thoughts from the Field: Dr. Art Farnsley Reflects on Indiana Research Findings

The following video is our first in a series of videos designed to highlight preliminary findings from the regional ethnographic research component of our study. This aspect of our project involves research teams on the ground in eight cities across the country. In this initial video, Dr. Art Farnsley, Regional Advisor for our Indianapolis-area research, shares some of the observations emerging from the case studies he and his team have been conducting. Following presentations on these findings at several recent conferences (Society for the Scientific Study of Religion’s 2022 Annual Meeting and American Academy of Religion’s 2022 Annual Meeting), Farnsley sat down for a brief interview on how the pandemic has impacted Indiana congregations and how the nature of community may be changing nationwide.

Stay tuned for additional thoughts from the field featuring researchers in DC, Denver and Minneapolis in the coming months, along with more extensive findings from our regional case studies in the coming year.