COVID-19 Church Survey Second Round Report

This was Exponential's second pandemic survey, garnering 1937 online responses from April 13-17, following Easter. The survey reported 90% of respondents led churches that were strictly gathering online and a majority (54%) indicated that they were using a different liturgical format. Approximately 40% of pastors were asking for technology training (a 10-point increase from Exponential's first survey conducted in late March). The survey's found that congregations were prioritizing Membership Care/Weekend Services/Evangelism. Pastors indicated that they were turning to online articles (61%), cohorts (53%) and webinars (48%) as their most consulted resources. Additionally, 68% of pastors reported relying on support from church staff and leaders.

Resource Details

  • Attribution: Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Send Institute / Exponential / Association of Related Churches (ARC)
  • Theme/Topic: National Perspectives
  • Resource Type: Survey Reports
  • Date: 04/21/2020