Latino Congregations: Trends from the Faith Communities Today (FACT) and Exploring the Pandemic Impact on Congregations (EPIC) studies

A new report highlights the vibrancy and resilience of Latino congregations while also identifying areas needing support.

The study, done in collaboration with EPIC and FACT, shows Latino churches are experiencing growth, especially among youth. However, sustainability challenges exist around leadership development, finances, and post-pandemic impacts.

Many Latino faith leaders juggle other jobs and are unpaid, posing challenges for the future. While exhibiting strong commitment, Latino congregations need increased support to address systemic issues like part-time leadership, facility costs, lowered giving, and overall financial health. Addressing these concerns will allow their dynamism and growth to continue flourishing. As Latino participation expands in American religion, understanding and assisting these youthful, resilient faith communities is critical for their thriving future.

The report is also available in Spanish, here.

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