National survey research

This national survey component draws upon the Institute’s Faith Communities Today (FACT) collaborative initiative of over 20 different denominational research groups. It includes a number of different survey approaches spread across the five years of the grant. 

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Pre-COVID Baseline Portrait of Congregations

This pre-COVID picture is gathered from the FACT 2020 research project (report to be released in Summer 2021).

Longitudinal Panel Study

Leveraging the FACT 2020 baseline data, we will assemble a longitudinal panel of 280 congregations/clergy to become research partners throughout the five-year project (to be conducted annually each Fall between 2021 and 2025).

Nationally Representative Key Informant Survey

We will repeat the large national FACT survey, tailored to examine COVID related issues, twice in the coming five years (Summer/Fall 2023 and Summer/Fall 2025). The goal is to collect data on at least 5,000 churches with each national survey.

Targeted Topical Surveys

We will explore discrete targeted components of religious life that might not get addressed in a larger national survey. These will include brief, focused surveys around timely issues throughout the evolution of the congregational response to the virus and changing social conditions. These surveys will be conducted twice annually between 2021 and 2025.

Large Member Survey

Using our FACT partnership, 15-20 congregations from each of our denominational groups will be recruited to participate in an all-member/attendee survey to explore how these congregational participants are perceiving any changes to worship, fellowship, and religious life during and past the pandemic (Spring/Summer 2022 and Spring/Summer 2024).