Friday, April 7, 2023

Mapping Our Topical Survey Respondents

In Summer 2021, November 2021, and Spring 2022, we conducted targeted topical national key informant surveys addressing the congregational response to the pandemic and related emerging issues.

The map above depicts where respondents to these three topical surveys were located across the country, with green representing our initial topical survey, yellow representing the second topical survey, and blue representing the third.

Additional details on these surveys and their corresponding reports are noted below:

These surveys will continue through 2025, and are one of a number of mixed methods approaches we are taking to explore how the pandemic has impacted religious life in America. To learn more about the full range of research components as part of this study, please visit our Project Overview.

As this map illustrates, certain areas of the country have more survey representation than others and we hope to continue to expand survey participation in underrepresented regions. We’re looking for more congregations to participate and invite you to join the thousands who have already done so! Here’s more information on how to get involved.